Friday, April 30, 2010

Well...he's not "The Special One" for nothing

A tour de force performance at the back from everyone (yes even new left back Eto'o) kept Barca at bay to lose 1-0 and go through 3-2 on aggregate. Well done Inter.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mas Que (More Than)...

a match, a semi, a war...who knows but in a few hours we will find out. I think Barca can do it but I will not be upset if Inter goes through as I love Jose, but I believe in beautiful soccer and I would love to see it win out. Also watching Barca destroy Bayern in Madrid and shove it in Madridistas faces would be quite funny! Either way, whoever wins this game will win the final with some ease in my opinion. The score from the first leg (for all those living under a rock) was 3-1 Inter which is a substantial lead but a 2-0 win for Barca puts them through and I am pretty sure that they can do that but we will see...

FC Barcelona v Internazionale Milan on Fox Soccer Channel at 1:30 Central time (654 AT&T, 219 Comcast, 619 Direct TV)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's about that time, 5v5 Summer League

Sorry it's been so long since the blog has been updated. It's because Center Circle is hare at work to provide you with more and better events. Up next is our 5v5 Summer League that was such a huge success last year and will be bigger and better this year. 6/7-7/22 teams will be coachless, pick themselves, sub themselves, pick their own team name and jerseys, but fear not we will provide referees. The league will take place at Mike Rose and will basically be a safe imitation of street soccer which other countries play all the time and the kids in the US do not do nearly enough. The rules are Futsal rules and it is basically Futsal on grass, kick-ins in 4 seconds is the main difference from soccer. This is to increase thought process and speed of play as well as movement to get open. Playing at this high speed and with more touches on the ball is only helping everyone involved. Registration form and promo email coming early this week.

Joga Bonito

Are you ready?

Teams from USA, Brazil, possibly Italy, and working on Mexico, and Argentina. Bands from Memphis, NYC, England, Vancouver, and LA. You will not want to miss Copa Memphis August 27-29, 2010 at Mike Rose Soccer Complex in Memphis, TN

What a tourney: Legendinhos '10

What a weekend, 81 teams - 6 "Legendinhos" teams plus 4 middle school teams with 71 club teams. Great soccer on display and a great competition for all. The diversity and level of soccer was great this year. Especially since we more than doubled our diverse teams (3 to 10). Hope to see everyone at Copa Memphis August 27-29 for the event to end all soccer events in this area.

Of course since our tournament is not like anyone else's and it is about "real" soccer and diversity, there was always going to be an idiot. Anyone not with helping out everyone to get a chance to play at our world class facility (Mike Rose Soccer Complex) against great competition, can get lost. That one team knows who I am talking about ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inter v Barca first leg

I can not wait for this, only 6 more minutes until the first leg of what can only be an epic battle mentally and physically on the field as well on the respective benches.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


After the 4-1 thrashing from Barca I thought yesterday's games might not be able to live up to the excitement, good thing I was wrong. After utterly dominating Bayern Munich in the first half and being up 3-1 in the second Man United fullback Rafael got himself sent off and Arjen Robben hit a goal with such technical brilliance I about fell on the floor. A corner was taken from the left of the goal and Robben was on the right of the "D" at the top of the box. He struck the ball one time out of the air back across the goal just inside the post. You can see a pic of his celebration at the top of this post. It was unbelievable and put Bayern through on away goals 4-4 over the scum (Man U)!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Messi and Barca 4-1 over Arsenal

What do yo do when you go down 1-0 at about score a hat trick in 21 minutes directly after that goal and then add a fourth at the end of the game. You know, just cause why not? I was completely in awe of what I watched yesterday from barcelona but mainly Messi, as soon as I saw him get the ball for his second I just started laughing because not only was there only going to be one outcome for the ball (it was going in the goal) but one outcome for the game. Messi and Barca just simply refuse to lose. As I saw him break for his third (and what a third it was!!!) I couldn't help but think I may just be watching THE best to ever play so I got down on my knees and half sarcastically half serious praised him.

All you young amateur footballers take note, hard work and dedication will take you wherever you want to go but to do those 2 things with passion and joy make you the complete package. This is what at first made me admire Messi but now I have fallen in love with him *no homo* To do what he did in any game would be massively impressive but to do it against Arsenal in the Champions League Quarter final is just otherworldly. I guess in summary I really just want to say from myself and all lovers of the beautiful game...Messi, thank you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rooney...*shakes head*

Video of Rooney trying to sneak a pint of beer at this weekends Man U v Chelsea game, epic.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pelada the Movie...Center Circle's next project?

NEW Pelada Trailer from Rebekah Fergusson on Vimeo.

I think that Center Circle's next project is bringing this movie to Memphis for a big premier screening. Great stuff Gwendolyn and Luke and props to World Football Daily for bringing this to our attention. Click Pelada Movie for full info.