Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The best soccer show around

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Corner Turned?...

I don't know how many times we (Liverpool supporters) have heard that this season but I truly feel that is what I witnessed today. That was the first time I've seen the Liverpool team that destroyed Real Madrid and Manchester United in back to back games. Torres was unplayable and if it wasn't for some bad luck he would have matched Frank Lampard's 4 goal performance from Saturday. I think Christian Purslow talking to the senior players and assuring them as well as multiple players and Rafa coming out and admitting they basically threw in the towel after their second loss of the season which pretty much guaranteed they couldn't win the title has freed them. Usually once someone confesses or is able to vent they are free of the burden...that is exactly what today looked like. Long may it continue.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Charlie Davies’ (aka Chuck Deezy) Press Conference

Video of Charlie Davies’ Press Conference

I love this can you not. Get em Chuck Deezy!!! Click the link to go to the video.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Majesterial Messi (ode to Ray Hudson)

How does one improve on a hat trick performance? how about by scoring another hat trick and then after earning a penalty kick in which he was well with in his rights to take and earn his fourth, giving it to the player who has been in a slump recently. Unselfish, unbelievable, uncanny...Messi.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Europa League Quarterfinal Draw

Fulham v Wolfsburg
Hamburg v Standard Liege
Valencia v Atletico Madrid
Benfica v Liverpool

SEMI-FINALS: April 22 & 29
Hamburg or Standard Liege v Fulham or Wolfsburg
Valencia or Atletico Madrid v Benfica or Liverpool

The home team in the final will be Valencia/Atletico Madrid/Benfica/Liverpool to be held at the HSH Nordbank rena, home ground of Hamburg, on Wednesday, May 12 2010.

Europa league roundup

first off, Could I really start with anything but Dempsey's goal... DEUCE!!!

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the action in the Europa League was even better then the Champions League and comeback from Fulham being down 3-1 to Juventus and wining 4-1 at Craven Cottage in London was insane. Shout out to David Villa who did what he does best for Valencia and scored a hat trick against Werder Bremen to draw 4-4 and go through on away goals. Also I have to shout out my Liverpool team who believe it or not have won 2 games in a row!!! They beat Lille 3-0 with one from Gerrard and a brace (2 goals) from Fernando Torres.

The Quarter final good.

QUARTER-FINALS: March 30 & 31 plus April 6 & 7
Lyon v Bordeaux
Bayern Munich v Manchester United
Arsenal v Barcelona
Internazionale v CSKA Moscow

SEMI-FINALS: April 20 & 21 plus April 27 & 28
Bayern Munich or Manchester United v Lyon or Bordeaux
Internazionale or CSKA Moscow v Arsenal or Barcelona

The home team in the final will be Bayern Munich/Manchester United/Lyon/Bordeaux, in the Bernabeu, Madrid on Saturday, May 22.

Manchester United supporters have to be happy with this one. Well Im disappointed that the final can't be Barca v Inter as I wouldn't be disappointed if either of them won. Arsenal Barca should be a cracking tie...really all of these should be great. Have I said how much I love this competition?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chelsea v Inter, does it get much better?

Well it's finally here after the great 2-1 victory for Inter over Chelsea we will finally see the conclusion to the ongoing saga that is Mourinho v Chelsea. Will the away goal give Chelsea the advantage? Will Jose lose only his second game ever at Stamford Bridge or will he do what he always does at his old home and win? At 5:00 central on Fox Soccer Channel we will get the answers.

players to watch:


What is the UEFA Champions League

UEFA = Union of European Football Associations

Champions League: Consists of the champions from almost all European professional soccer leagues. Teams qualify for this competition the season prior and compete in this competition concurrent with their own league season (League’s mostly play on Weekends and European competition occurs midweek). In the case of the biggest leagues (England, Spain, and Italy) the top 4 teams qualify for the Champions League and almost as big leagues such as Germany and Portugal etc get 3 or 2 qualifiers. There are 32 teams when it gets to the group stage (8 groups of 4) and then the top two from each group qualify for the round of 16 (which is where we are now). These games are two legged affairs in which each team gets a game at home and then the total aggregate score determines the winner. Incase the score is even over two legs then it goes to “away goals” as the first tie breaker. For ex. A team loses 2-1 away and wins 1-0 at home the total aggregate score is 2-2 but the team that scored away from home goes through. These two legged ties only go to overtime and penalties if the teams are tied on total and away goals (ex. 1-0 and 0-1 total 1-1). This competition is the biggest and most watched club competition in the world as it is has the best players and clubs in the world involved and is the dream destination for every footballer in the world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Barca's back

Without Zlatan and Guardiola, Im sure Valencia wish one more Barcelona player was missing...Messi. He scored his second and third almost back to back. TV's were still showing the replay of his second and cut immediately to him on another break which resulted in the same, another goal. The first half of this game was like watching paint dry, second half when Henry came on Barca came alive and looked reminiscent of last year. Well done boys now do it against Stuttgart midweek.

No Achilles, No World Cup

AC Milan's game on the weekend spelled the end of David Beckham's World Cup. He ruptured his achilles and doctors say he will make a full recovery but it will take 5-8 months. Sorry David...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oi, its Daaaavid (in high pitch london accent)!

Manchester United v AC Milan 1:30 central Fox Soccer Channel
Today Goldenballs (David Beckham) returns to Old Trafford to try and overturn a 3-2 defeat against his old club Manchester United. Although all English eyes will be on David anyone with real knowledge of the game will be watching Ronaldinho (who has had a hand in 24 of Milan's 42 goals this season) and Rooney who has never been in better form and scored two of the three in Milan. This should be an excellent game as Milan have to attack and I have never really known United to sit back.

Real Madrid v Lyon 4:00 central on FSC
The roller coaster first season of big spenders Real Madrid is really starting to reach the heights they should on a much more consistent basis. Although Lyon is a tough opponent, I really see Madrid overturning the 1-0 loss in Lyon. There is amazing talent in this game that will be display with arguably two of the worlds best in Ronaldo and Kaka.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 goals in 2 games...WOW!

Arsenal (without Cesc Fabregas) went completely balls to the wall and ran over FC Porto like Wayne Rooney playing against a 5 year old. The much maligned (not be me) Nicklas Bendtner had a hat trick with Nasri and Eboue adding one each. Bayern Munich came back in a match I swore they were done in and I was all but ready to throw in the towel for them...good thing Im not Luis Van Gaal. Van Bommel and a blast from Robben brought them to 3-2 on the night making the tie 4-4 and Bayern through on away goals.

Champions League round of 16 second legs

Today Arsenal tries to overturn a 2-1 defeat against FC Porto at the Emirates, and Fiorentina see if they can get better refereeing against Bayern to turn over a likewise 2-1 deficit. both games are on Fox Soccer Channel and coverage starts at 1:30 central. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Only Brazil...

As much as I want to rip on Robinho for leaving England I can't hate on his performance yesterday. This goal is e Brazil at their best, Joga Bonito.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"Make the Difference" : MADSTEEZ from MADSTEEZ on Vimeo.

We have got to get this kinda artwork on our Futsal court/s whenever we get them here in Memphis!!!

World Cup warm up games

Starting today we have an international break for World Cup warm up games. Check the tv schedule below:

Brazil v Ireland 2:00 - Fox Soccer Channel

Argentina v Germany 1:45 - Gol tv
USA v Netherlands 2:00 - ESPN 2
England v Egypt 2:00 - Fox Soccer Plus
Italy v Cameroon 3:45 - Gol tv

France v Spain play but I can not find the channel, which makes me angry as I would love to watch this. Viva La Furia Roja!